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Lottery and Grandchildren scams

The most effective scams tend to be the easiest ones. Often telemarketer scams will involve an international lottery. Almost everyone knows how the lotteries work, and a large number of people play the lotteries. If people play them at home, they will be attracted to playing them abroad. Scammers count on this. In a common lottery scam, you receive a cheque from an international lottery in a foreign country. Shortly after this, you receive a phone call telling you that you received the cheque so that you can pay fees, taxes or insurance to free up your larger lottery winnings. You are directed to deposit the cheque and then send the money back to cover these fees, with more money coming soon. However the cheque you have received is counterfeit. By the time your bank determines it is counterfeit and notifies you, it is too late. You have already sent the funds overseas, out of your own account.

Another highly effective lottery scam involves you receiving a call from a telemarketer offering to enroll you in a foreign lottery. To make it easy for you, the caller even offers to take a small amount each week, charging your credit card to make it even more convenient. The amount can be as small as $10. Occasionally the scammer will send you some small ‘winning’ amount, however the pay outs will never match what you have are paying weekly. Ultimately the small payments add up, and you are out a large sum of money before you figure out that you are being scammed.

Family members are often used to lend credibility to scams, and Seniors are often the prey. A highly effective scam aimed at Seniors is one that has the Senior receive a call form a young person who begins the conversation by saying, “Grandma (or Grandpa) it’s me”. The Senior will offer a name that the caller will adopt, and then begin to tell a story that requires the grandparent to offer financial assistance because the youth is in a jam, and they don’t want to tell their parents because they would get into trouble. The ever-loving grandparent agrees to help, and the caller says they will send a friend over to pick up the money. If the Senior is told the caller is abroad and they have to wire the money, shortly after the first payment they will receive a second call from someone pretending to be a lawyer asking for even more money to pay for services to help out the troubled youth. If there are multiple calls, the losses can add up quickly.

In most telemarketing scams, the calls originate from foreign countries. While many Telemarketing Scammers are convincing, it is wise to be wary of calls received from foreign countries, especially from people you don’t know.  Always remember, if the offer is too good to be true, because, it probably is.

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