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Stop calling me by Maya Taylor

Keep your credit card safe

One of the most valuable things you have is your credit card.  Credit cards often have high limits, meaning they allow you to purchase expensive items and pay them off over a series of months.  In short, credit cards are very useful.  However, they can also be used against you if an illegitimate telemarketer obtains your credit card information.  In order to avoid having your credit card information stolen by a telemarketer, there are two main signs of a scam that you need to watch out for.
First, does the scam sound too good to be true?  This is one of the most basic and effective techniques used to determine if a telemarketer is legitimate or not.  Take two situations as examples.  In situation one, you have been doing business with a company for years and a telemarketer from the company calls you and tries to get you to purchase additional products at market rate.  In this case, the telemarketer is probably legitimate.  Now consider a telemarketer who calls you and claims to represent a company you've never heard of.  He says that he's running a special deal on expensive clothing and, if you provide him with your credit card information, he will only charge you $5 per month.  This is clearly too good to be true, so it should raise a red flag.
Another warning sign to watch out for is when a telemarketer brings up foreign countries.  Do not engage with a telemarketer who says anything relating to investing in a foreign country.  These telemarketers will often make the "investment" options sound very attractive and mention things like high returns.  However, they are just out to get your credit card number and, once they have it, you won't be receiving any money from them at all.  They will use your credit card to make expensive purchases.
Telemarketers are often very cunning.  Ensure to remember these telemarketer scams the next time a telemarketer calls you.

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