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The Two-Step Method to Avoid Phone Scams

Has your phone ever received a call from a strange number. There is no caller id or the call just features a strange location. If you have ever answered the phone on purpose or accidentally you usually come to find a caller trying to sell you something or offer you a package of some kind. For most p…

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Keep your credit card safe

One of the most valuable things you have is your credit card.  Credit cards often have high limits, meaning they allow you to purchase expensive items and pay them off over a series of months.  In short, credit cards are very useful.  However, they can also be used against you if an illegitimate tel…

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Lottery and Grandchildren scams

The most effective scams tend to be the easiest ones. Often telemarketer scams will involve an international lottery. Almost everyone knows how the lotteries work, and a large number of people play the lotteries. If people play them at home, they will be attracted to playing them abroad. Scammers co…

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5 Common Telemarketing Scams And How To Avoid Them

Telemarketers have been around for decades. Most are harmless and, at the very worst, you’re annoyed at having dinner interrupted. But there are other telemarketers that will try to scam those they call out of thousands of dollars. This is when their calling becomes more than annoying, it becomes do…

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